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Anonymous asked:
I'm not the guy from before. I heard there was a dj there tonight. Is it the guy you're dating? I heard your dating a guy from New York. Same person?

Huh? You know what would be cute? If my love life was half as interesting as strangers from the internet thought it was. Not dating a dj, he’s far too young. Not dating a guy from NY, yet to meet one who could remove his head from his own ass long enough for an entire date. Did hang out / have sleepovers with a few guys while I was in New York who don’t live there.
I’m on a relationship ban for about the next seven months(ish) so let’s reconvene then and talk strategies. Okay? Deal.

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Anonymous asked:
Pretty girl! I saw the photograph of you at the exhibition opening tonight for vaeinzine. It had already sold! Will there be more prints for sale?

Well hey and thank you. I’m really disappointed I couldn’t be there. I heard it sold, only because Jonno is fabulous. All his work, nothing to do with this mug.
I don’t think there will be extra prints? I have no idea! Ask at the gallery, perhaps? Or ask JxR himself?

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Hopeless Lingerie A/W 2013 - “Phases”

Buying myself some for Christmas because yep.

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you want a man with a strong jawline so you have a sturdy place to sit

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» Fat-Booty Butch Wears Leggings — Confuses World, Confronts Self | Autostraddle


If you read only one thing today, let it be this piece.

I love this.

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